Open4Results – Reducing Harm from Falls programme – five years on

12 May 2017 | Reducing Harm from Falls

The Reducing Harm from Falls programme team is delighted to release the ‘Open4Results – Reducing Harm from Falls’ commentary as a conclusion to April Falls 2017. The commentary looks at the programme's journey over the last five years from April 2013 to April 2017. This reflects the great work across the sector as we could not have achieved the results without all our partners.

The commentary provides high level account on the origins of the programme, the vision, the curating of evidence, development of evidence-informed resources and the leadership and guidance provided to the sector. This has resulted in improved processes, better individual care outcomes and a sustained focus on quality improvement.

Continued strong clinical sector leadership is required to sustain these gains into the future across the in-hospital settings, and also to embrace the expanded focus on integrated falls prevention approaches in the community. The Commission is partnering with ACC and the Ministry of Health in a whole of system approach to falls and fracture management across New Zealand.

The Commission is committed to maintaining a long-term focus on reducing harm from falls, as this is an area of high harm.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved and remember that Falls Prevention is everyone’s business.

Last updated 15/05/2017