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Newly updated falls 10 Topics now available

29 Aug 2017 | Reducing Harm from Falls

UPDATE: Please see this page for the 2020 updates of the 10 Topics

The 10 Topics in reducing harm from falls are learning activities for people who want to know more about how to prevent falls and reduce harm from falls in older people.

The 10 Topics were originally published in 2013–15, and have just been updated (August 2017). They are available as downloadable, interactive PDFs.

Each resource is designed to:

  • raise awareness about the impact of falls on older people
  • provide learning activities to support independence for older people, and improve their care 
  • support the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s national Reducing Harm from Falls programme.

The 10 Topics cover core issues in falls prevention, feature interesting articles that can count as learning activities for professional development hours, and introduce resources, videos and patient stories. The content has been peer-reviewed by a panel of experts.

The review, reflection and application of learning involved is equivalent to 60 minutes of professional development (according to requirements in continuing competence frameworks for nurses and allied health professionals).

We will update the 10 Topics approximately every three years (or more often if major new evidence is published).

Last updated 23/07/2020