Below are links to patient stories from the Commission's reducing harm from falls programme. 

Betty's story

Betty is a 93 year old lady with a history of falls. Her daughter Barbara talks about what happened when avoidable environmental factors (a cluttered toilet space) interacted with her mother’s risk factor of impaired mobility (for which she was using a walker) to cause a fall.

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Hazel's story

Hazel was in hospital for a scheduled hip replacement in September 2012, when she fell as she was returning to bed from the bathroom.

She cracked a bone in the hip she'd just had surgery on and needed further surgery. Her week in hospital turned into a three-week stay that had a major impact on Hazel, her husband and their two children.

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Rose's story – Communication, respect crucial for a good hospital experience

Rose Russell was about to head off to Malaysia to deliver an academic writing course when she had a fall that drastically changed her plans.

Rose tripped on an unsecured bollard (vertical road marker) and fell, landing on her leg and hip – on the bollard. She was taken to the local emergency department and then admitted to hospital where an x-ray showed she had broken her femur. That night she had a hip replacement.

And so began her patient journey, spanning three wards and two hospitals in different district health boards. It’s an experience that has left her with strong views about the importance of good communication between patients and health professionals.

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Roseann's story: A fall at home

Roseann is a 60-year-old woman who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the age of 53. In this patient story, Roseann talks about the fall she had in her sewing room in October 2016, her subsequent diagnosis with a fractured hip, and her treatment and recovery.

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Last updated 08/08/2018