A formal evaluation of the aged-related residential care (ARRC) collaborative has been completed by Malatest International. The objective of the evaluation was to learn from the collaborative about how to support future quality improvement initiatives in ARRC. The evaluation objectives included:

  • what has been learnt about the role and effectiveness of a mini-collaborative approach to developing and implementing quality improvement initiatives
  • determining if participation has improved the participating ARRC facilities’ falls prevention programmes
  • how to sustain and build on achievements in participating ARRC facilities
  • providing district health boards (DHBs) and participating facilities with tools to assist with putting in place in-house evaluations of new quality improvement initiatives.

Key learnings from the evaluation included the following.

  • The experience was positive with improved learning on how to interpret data and extract useful information to inform change in practice. This is modelled in a range of case studies promoted in the report.
  • The model is unsustainable in its current format, but there is an opportunity to investigate how a sustainable model could be developed through supporting DHBs.
  • The initiative provided a chance for facilities to come together, share experiences and learn from each other.
  • There was an appreciation of an independent and neutral entity driving the quality improvement initiative.
  • Having a quality improvement advisor available to the facilities cemented learning, data gathering and analysis.
  • In some facilities small 'falls committees' have been now been established.
  • Further conversations are needed at senior management level to look at consistent use of tools and interventions across the region.

Next steps

The findings of this report will be discussed at the meeting of the Reducing Harm from Falls Expert Advisory Group on 12 November 2014. It will also be shared with regional falls clinical leads to inform national, regional and local approaches on how we can further support ARRC facilities with their ongoing falls and wider quality improvement capability.

Download the evaluation report and case studies below.

Last updated 29/09/2015