Each year approximately one in three New Zealanders aged 65 and over will have a fall which causes an injury. The vast majority of these falls happen in the community, many in or around the home. An analysis of the Atlas of Healthcare Variation falls domain confirms that for every one fractured hip in the hospital environment there are 30 in the community.

Working closely with ACC the Reducing Harm from Falls programme is now focused on harm in community settings.

We have appointed a primary care clinical lead, Dr Paul Cooper, to work alongside the programme’s existing clinical lead Sandy Blake, to communicate the key messages about falls in older people to primary care and community care providers.

Paul’s message is ‘We need to "normalise" the risk of falling and encourage all elderly people to stay as active as possible, minimising their risk of falling and improve their overall quality of life.’

Access the Stay independent toolkit.

Last updated 12/10/2017