Stay independent toolkit 2017The Stay independent toolkit comprises a booklet (updated in August 2017), a poster, suitable for waiting room display and a consumer brochure which encourages older people to self-assess their risk and follow that with a conversation with their health professional.

The toolkit was developed for the New Zealand setting by bpacnz from the Centres for Control STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents Death and Injuries) materials.

After a small pilot with Central PHO, feedback from both GP and nursing staff was very positive. Patients were also very enthusiastic about the programme and enjoyed the assessment and informative brochure.

The Commission is keen to work with general practice teams to see how the toolkit can be integrated into regular workflow and electronic record systems.

“As GPs we need to be thinking about how we can reduce harm from falls in older people in our care. This is a message not just for the frail but for all of us as we age. We need to think of falls prevention as ‘business as usual’ in the case of the older person and we need to promote this message at every opportunity."


Dr Paul Cooper, clinical lead primary care, Reducing Harm from Falls programme

Last updated 12/10/2017