How to order the resources from the suppliers:

  • You can order just the resources you wish to use in your situation.
  • The signalling resources are made by different specialist producers and you may need to place orders with several suppliers.
  • All the information you need is on this page. We have supplied order forms as Excel spreadsheets, which you can download and complete and email directly to the relevant supplier(s).
  • For all enquiries about orders, please contact the suppliers directly – contact details for each are given below and on the order forms.

Signalling system: Magnets
Signalling system: Bathroom signs and over-bed signs
Signalling system: Equipment tags

Signalling sytem: Magnets 

Presentation Solutions Ltd
19 Jamaica Drive, Grenada North, Wellington 5028
Tel 04 232 2201

Pricing and ordering

Product description Indicative prices (fixed for 12 months) ex GST
Magnets (red, orange, green) printed on .8mm magnetic stock and die cut 24mm  
300 magnets total $283
900 magnets total $486
1500 magnets total $685

When ordering, please specify how many of each colour you required. The combined total must match the total in column A of the order form below (excel spreadsheet). A small discount applies when an even colour split is ordered (eg, 100 red, 100 orange, 100 green, totalling 300).

Download order form

$10 for nationwide deliveries (per delivery)

Signalling system: Bathroom signs and over-bed signs 

Prestige Print Ltd
72 Abel Smith Street, PO Box 9256, Wellington, 6141
04 802 5471


Product description Order code - please quote with your order Indicative prices (fixed for 12 months from October 2013) ex GST
Bathroom signs 210mm x 297mm x .38mm full colour, polypropylene    
100 units E28478-100 $521
300 units E28478-300 $1320
600 units E28478-600 $2456
Bedside signs 210mm x 210mm x .38mm full colour, gloss laminated card, spiral bound    
100 units E28679-100 $418
300 units E28679-300 $894
600 units E28679-600 $1612

Download order form

$10 freight cost for orders under 5kgs anywhere in New Zealand. Over 5kgs will be charged accordingly.

Orders under and including 300, allow one week. Orders 600+ allow two weeks.

Signalling system: Equipment tags 

True North
Level 3, Orams Marine
152 Beaumont Street
Karla Higham: 027 480 2526 
Email or

Product description

  • Tags with colour both sides on 600um white polypropylene. Trimmed to 70mm x 140mm and single hole punched.
  • NB: Cable ties or rubber bands for attaching tags to equipment must be supplied by user.


  • Prices are for the total quantity specified.
  • Please specify your colour mix when you place an order, otherwise supplier will assume an even mix.
  • The supplier requires the attached credit form to be processed approximately three days before orders can be placed.


Total quantity of tags (red, orange, green - even mix) 150 300 450 600 900 1200 1500 2400 3600 6000
Total price ex GST (fixed for 12 months from March 2017) $1,677 $1,704 $1,746 $1,824 $1,980 $2,052 $2,175 $2,424 $2,808 $3,240
Price per tag $11.18 $5.68 $3.88 $3.04 $2.20 $1.71 $1.45 $1.01 $0.78 $0.54

Download order form

Freight to one NZ location included in each price.

Turnaround time approx 5-8 working days (depending on if North or South Island delivery).

Please note: Production for this product opens 13 Jan 2014 with dispatches starting the following week.


Last updated 16/05/2018