Falls risk assessment in TrendCare

29 Aug 2013 | Reducing Harm from Falls

This project is related to the review of risk assessment and care planning processes used in DHB hospitals.  A specific care planning component for falls prevention was developed in the TrendCare workload management system, which interfaces with patient administration systems. The new component  prompts for fall risk assessment (covering falls history, mobility, deficits in vision, language and hearing, cognition, continence, medications and other factors) and offers ‘drop down’ options for actions to take.  

A technical workshop was held in Wellington mid-August 2013 for TrendCare users to familiarise them with the new component, which will be released in a TrendCare update early 2014.  At this point, eleven district health boards (DHBs) and two private providers have indicated that they intend to introduce the TrendCare component.

Not all DHBs use TrendCare, and these prompts and options could be applied in other systems.

Last updated 09/08/2020