April audit

7 Apr 2014 | Reducing Harm from Falls

The April audit is an activity related to the third theme of April Falls 2014 – safe care environment – essential elements which make the environment and care safer for all the people in your care, irrespective of their individual falls risk.

Falls are often the result of an interaction between predisposing, person-specific risk factors (such as problems with balance or mobility) and an identified hazard in the environment.

  • The risk assessment and care planning steps in the Ask, assess, act process cover what we can do to put individualised supports and interventions in place for an older person.

A safe environment has a number of essential elements, and we suggest your focus on this in April – or any time. The tool April Audit: How safe is the care environment today is a word document you can edit, add to and adapt for your situation and the elements you wish to emphasise – we suggest a focus on five or six.

Topic 4: Safe environment and safe care: essential in preventing falls is a learning activity you can use to support your April audit. Also relevant are these video clips for a patient story and learning from a patient story.

Last updated 27/01/2022