Falls video resources

31 Oct 2014 | Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has produced four short videos highlighting some of the ways falls can be prevented in a range of different settings.

Click here to see a three-minute compilation of all the videos, or view the videos in full below:

Preventing falls in hospital

Falls were the leading cause of serious injuries reported by hospitals in the 2011–12 year. This video looks at interventions that prevent falls and reduce harm from falls in hospitals.

Staying safe on your feet at home

Preventing falls at home can be a challenge. This video looks at an innovative approach to falls prevention underway in Canterbury.

Preventing falls in an aged residential care facility

A significant number of falls occur in rest homes each year. This video looks at how one aged residential care facility, Mercy Parklands in Auckland, is working with residents and their families to prevent falls.

Staying on your feet in the community

Thousands of people fall each year – most of these falls happen in the community and are preventable. This video looks at building strength and flexibility to keep people safe on their feet.

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