Update on roll-out of the surgical teamwork and communication interventions

7 Apr 2016 | Safe Surgery NZ

Roll-out of the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s surgical teamwork and communication interventions is progressing well. All district health boards (DHBs) in cohort one and two are in the implementation phase and DHBs in cohort three have one more month in the preparation phase.

Learning sessions have been delivered to all three cohorts. Local intervention training sessions are nearly complete and the last five DHBs will finish before 31 May.

The first auditor training in Auckland was delivered on 1 December 2015. Twenty-five people attended from six DHBs, and 18 private surgical providers were represented, including the Southern Cross national educator.

The second auditor training in Wellington was delivered on 1 April 2016. Thirty-six people attended from eight DHBs and four private surgical providers. The final auditor training will be held in Christchurch on 6 May. Those who have completed the auditor training now hold ‘gold auditor’ status and can offer local training, using the same training approach and materials, to expand the auditing teams at their DHB.

The safe surgery quality and safety marker (QSM) is now final.

All three parts (sign in, time out and sign out) of the surgical safety checklist are used in 100 percent of surgical procedures, with levels of team engagement with the checklist at 5 or above, as measured by the seven-point Likert scale, 95 percent of the time.

Data collected from 1 July (either via the data collection tool/app or collected manually) will be publicly reported on a quarterly basis from December 2016. There is an increase from the draft version of the QSM which was shared for feedback in late 2015, where the target for team engagement was 90 percent.

Last updated 07/04/2016