Attitudes towards the Surgical Safety Checklist and its use in New Zealand operating theatres

7 Jun 2013 | Safe Surgery NZ

The Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand commissioned Litmus to undertake a study with theatre personnel to explore attitudes towards the checklist and how it is used in a range of hospitals in New Zealand.

Specifically, the study explored:

  • attitudes towards the checklist amongst theatre personnel
  • the extent to which the checklist is being used in operating theatres
  • facilitators and barriers to the use of the checklist in operating theatres
  • changes required that could improve the use of the checklist in operating theatres.

A total of 68 theatre personnel including surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and anaesthetic technicians were interviewed in five hospitals (study sites). A group of patients who had undergone elective surgery in a North Island main centre during the past six months were asked about their perceptions and experiences of the checklist. Fieldwork was undertaken between July and August 2012.

The final report is available below.

Last updated 11/07/2020