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Surgical checklist video: sign out

21 Jul 2014, Safe Surgery NZ

This video outlines step three of the World Health Organization's surgical safety checklist – sign out.

Safe Surgery NZ programme evaluation – final report

4 Oct 2017, Safe Surgery NZ

The evaluation examines whether Safe Surgery NZ has realised its intended benefits, provided value-for-money and how the programme aligns with the Commission’s strategic priorities.

Video: Preventing Venous Thromoembolism

27 Nov 2014, Safe Surgery NZ

In this video Dr Ulrike Buehner shares her experience of introducing routine VTE risk assessment of every patient over 18 years old at Lakes District Health Board.

Surgical Safety Culture Survey Research Report 2017

4 Oct 2017, Safe Surgery NZ

Safe Surgery NZ aims to make surgery safer by improving teamwork and communication in the operating theatre. The 2017 Surgical Safety Culture Survey demonstrates an improvement in the attitudes and perceptions of surgical team members across New Zealand.

BBC Horizons video: How to avoid mistakes in surgery

20 Feb 2014, Safe Surgery NZ

This video from BBC Horizons demonstrates the human factors behind surgical errors, and how many of these can be avoided by using the World Health Organisation's surgical safety checklist.