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About 600 children and young people in New Zealand, aged between 28 days and 24 years, die each year. Some of these deaths are preventable. 

The Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee advises the Health Quality & Safety Commission on how to reduce the number of these preventable deaths. It does this by:

  1. monitoring the number and types of deaths that occur among New Zealand children and young people over time
  2. providing education about how mortality reviews are useful
  3. encouraging the establishment and nationwide coordination of local child and youth mortality review groups
  4. interacting with community and organisational networks
  5. collecting information from all relevant sources that will identify ways to prevent deaths both locally and nationally
  6. conducting investigations into particular types of child and youth deaths
  7. producing an annual report for the Commission outlining data and making recommendations for actions that will reduce child and youth deaths in New Zealand
  8. advocating for any improvement of health and social services for children and young people that will reduce  deaths.
Last updated: 20th January, 2022