Videos from the Dr Atul Gawande forum

12 Jun 2015 | Health Quality & Safety Commission

Videos from the Health Quality & Safety Commission's forum with Dr Atul Gawande, held at Te Papa on Monday 18 May 2015. View the presentations from the forum.

Download the full set of graphic recordings.

Welcome and introduction Professor Alan Merry   
Century of the system Dr Atul Gawande

Morning tea 
Communicating for safe surgery  Professor Ian Civil

Quality improvement Professor Jonathon Gray

Q&A Presenters joined by Prof Merry   
On being mortal Dr Atul Gawande 
What should we be doing in NZ?

Dr Brian Ensor

Dr Geoff Green

Dr Barry Snow

Q&A Presenters joined by Prof Merry   
Afternoon tea
Care at the end of life: a patient story Professor Ron Paterson 


Summary and next steps  Prof Alan Merry 

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