Evaluation of the Partners in Care programme

14 Jun 2016 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission conducted an evaluation of the Partners in Care programme to answer the following questions:

  • How successful has the programme been in influencing change?
  • To what extent have the programme’s activities been guided by an evidence base?
  • What are the remaining gaps in consumer engagement activities to achieve the Partners in Care programme aims and objectives?
  • What are the key and emerging areas for future focus? 

Information for the evaluation was drawn from:

  • document and literature review
  • surveys of 30 Commission staff (completed by 30), 159 organisation stakeholders, eg, district health boards (DHBs), primary health organisations (PHOs), government agencies and 127 consumer representatives
  • interviews with 46 stakeholders, including Commission staff, organisation stakeholders and consumer representatives.

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