Patient Safety Week 2017 resources

23 Aug 2017 | Aotearoa Patient Safety Day

Lets Talk Medicines logoPatient Safety Week (PSW) will be held from 5–11 November 2017.

With this year's focus on medication safety, our PSW resources encourage patients to ask:

  • What is my medicine called?
  • What is it for?
  • When and how should I take it?
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PSW2017 A2Poster ENGLISHPoster (English, A2)

PSW2017 A3Poster ENGLISHPoster (English A3)

PSW2017 A3Poster MAORIPoster (Māori, A3)

PSW2017 A3Poster SAMOANPoster (Samoan, A3)


PSW2017 A3Poster CHINESEPoster (Chinese, A3)


PSW2017 A3Poster HINDIPoster (Hindi, A3)

med safety A3 infographic Medication safety A3 infopgraphic


 LeavingHospitalEnglishImage'Preparing to leave hospital' A4 discharge sheet (available in English, Māori, Samoan, Chinese & Hindi)

ACC know what to askACC's resource for consumers has a range of questions to ask about medicines, surgery, treatments and tests. It includes blank pages for writing questions, answers and other notes in, and a pocket at the back to store information received.: Know what to ask – questions to get the most out of healthcare

  • Order the A5 brochure through our order form
  • Download the A4 sheet with the same information on ACC's website.



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