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Universal list of medicines released

26 Jul 2011, Medication Safety

The New Zealand Universal List of Medicines, designed to prevent potentially harmful confusion about medicines has been given its general release, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne said today.

Commission Chair urges correct use of Surgical Safety Checklist

16 Jul 2011, Safe Surgery NZ

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched the Surgical Safety Checklist in 2009, and on the face of it, uptake has been impressive. Three large studies published in major journals all show substantial reductions in mortality and morbidity.

National Health Service's Patient Experience Network

14 Jul 2011, Partners in Care

The aim of the National Health Service's Patient Experience Network is to share ideas and practice to drive improvement in patient experience. See the website for case studies, events, and news on patient experiences.

Statement of Intent 2011 to 2014

13 Jul 2011, Health Quality & Safety Commission

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's Statement of Intent has been tabled in Parliament and is now available.

Greater awareness needed of risks for children around cars

13 May 2011, Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee

The Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee is calling for greater efforts and awareness to protect young children from the risks of slow moving vehicles, especially in household driveways.

Commission congratulates new Children's Commissioner

11 May 2011, Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee

The Health Quality & Safety Commission congratulates Hawke’s Bay paediatrician Russell Wills on his appointment as the new Children’s Commissioner.

Nurses key to health quality and safety

11 May 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

Nurses are at the forefront of quality and safety issues in health care settings, and are quality improvement leaders within the clinical team, says Dr Janice Wilson, Chief Executive of the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

World Hand Hygiene Day - Clean Hands Save Lives

5 May 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

The Health Quality & Safety Commission says World Hand Hygiene Day is a timely reminder of the importance of clean hands in combating healthcare-acquired infections.

Dr Janice Wilson on the quality and safety challenge

28 Apr 2011, Partners in Care

Dr Janice Wilson has been Chief Executive of the Commission since mid-February 2011. Prior to this, she was Deputy Director-General in the Population Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health. In her first public comment since taking up her new role, s

Patient safety key to health systems

12 Apr 2011, Medication Safety

Professor Alan Merry, Chair of the Health Quality & Safety Commission, writes how increasing the involvement of pharmacists in managing patients' medications is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve medication safety.