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He Kete Rauemi

Measures Library

Health sectors rely on data to improve quality. Our Measures Library provides technical documents and summaries, management and case documents, plus links to other resources like the Atlas of Healthcare Variation.

Welcome to the Measures Library | He Kete Rauemi

The Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) plays a key role in supporting the health sector to improve the quality and safety of services.  

One of the core building blocks the health sector needs for data-informed quality improvement, identified both in the Health and Disability System Review and in Wai 2575, is meaningful, useable health quality intelligence. 

The Commission’s Measures Library aims to meet this need by publishing a range of quality-focused measures and resources in a centralised reference ‘library’ to create a common understanding of health system and service measurement 

The library supports the reformed health system goals of improving equity in outcomes and experiences of care by highlighting specific measures that can be used across the sector to support better health service design and delivery.  

In the Measures Library, you’ll find:  

  • detailed technical documents 
  • a summary of the results for each measure, with data available to download 
  • management documents describing how given measures should be interpreted to inform and/or influence quality improvement  
  • case documents supporting where measures have been used to improve activities 
  • links to other resources such as the Atlas of Healthcare Variation. 

View the Measures Library app on:   (note: not optimised for mobile use).

Watch the videos below to learn more about the features of the Measures Library and how to navigate it.

Last updated: 30th June, 2022