My Advance Care Plan & Guide (2016)

1 Dec 2016 | Advance Care Planning

A template to help you write down what’s most important to you for future health care in two formats:

  1. ACP plan print 2print format 
    to print and complete on hard-copy
  2. electronic format 
    to save to your PC and complete/update/share electronically with others. (Important: Do not complete the electronic format online in your web browser, it won't allow you to save your completed plan and you will lose your information.)


Instructions for using the electronic version of My Advance Care Plan
  • Download and save the PDF on your computer (in a place you or others can easily find it).
  • Open your saved PDF with Adobe Reader, and fill in your plan.
  • Click ‘Save as’ to save your completed file.
  • Plans completed online, or opened in a web browser, won’t save your information.
  • If you are having trouble downloading and saving the electronic form, please check you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader, then download the form and follow the instructions above.

Last updated 22/02/2020