My advance care plan & guide

1 Dec 2016 | Advance Care Planning

These tools will help you think about and write down what matters most to you, and your priorities and preferences for future care.

Please remember there is no wrong or right way to capture this information and you only need to fill in the bits you want to. If you want to complete Section 6, this is best completed with help from a health care professional.

Once you have captured everything you want, share this with your general practice team and keep a copy with you; you’ll need to take this with you if you go into care or a hospital.

There are two types of advance care plans you can use. The full plan and guide (which you can fill out by hand only) or the plan only (can be completed by hand or electronically).

ACP plan print 2

  1. My Advance Care Plan & Guide (PDF): includes the advance care plan (form) and guidance on what you might think about or consider as you complete your advance care plan. You will need to fill this out by hand – either print this PDF or order a hard copy here and we will send it to you at no charge.

Image of the ACP fillable form

  1. My advance care plan (no guide; PDF form only) – can be completed electronically or printed and filled out by hand. If you fill this out electronically, please save it to your computer/device first. Then you can save it as you go and share it via email with others. Important: Do not complete the electronic form online in your web browser, it won't allow you to save your completed plan and you will lose your information – always save the form to your computer/device first.


Instructions for using the electronic advance care plan

  • Download and save the PDF on your computer/device (in a place you or others can easily find it).
  • Open your saved PDF with Adobe Reader and fill in your plan on your computer/device.
  • Click ‘Save as’ to save your completed file.
  • Remember plans completed online, or opened in a web browser, won’t save your information – always download the form first to your computer/device.


If you are having trouble downloading and saving the electronic advance care plan, please check you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader, then download the form and follow the instructions above.

Last updated 06/04/2020