The Ministry of Health and the Health Quality & Safety Commission are introducing patient experience measures for primary care using online patient surveys. The survey is conducted nationally every three months. See the survey timetable for the date of the next survey sample week. Patients enrolled with and seen by participating practices in the survey sample week each quarter may receive a survey invitation via email or SMS. Children under 15 will not be surveyed.

Here is some information to help you implement the survey in your practice.

About the survey

The survey enables patients to have a voice that health teams can hear through a direct and timely link. The survey provides your practice with access to real time reporting via your secure log in through any internet browser. This is funded by the Ministry of Health.

Participation in the survey is a recognised source of evidence towards meeting Indicator 9 of the Foundation Standard and Aiming for Excellence: The practice includes patients’ input into service planning (more detail below).

Here’s what you need to do

The survey is currently transitioning to a new provider. PHOs and practices will be provided with updated information about how to participate when it is available.

Survey timetable

[click table to download as XLSX file (12KB)]

PES timetable image Mar 2019

Using survey results for quality improvement

From PES to PDSA: A guide to using the patient experience survey portal for quality improvement is our most recent publication which shows how to use the reporting portal for quality improvement. Written collaboratively with our quality improvement team here, this document breaks down Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles into well-defined steps so you can streamline quality improvement activities within your primary health organisation or general practice. This document was created with the intention to help you use the survey portal in order to meet indicator 9 of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioner’s Aiming for Excellence standard.

For a more in-depth look into how to use national patient data for quality improvement, this report from The Kings Fund includes examples of interventions undertaken in response to survey findings, barriers to using survey data effectively, and identifies three key enablers for using patient survey data (pages 38–44). These are:
  i) leadership
  ii) staff engagement
  iii) trust-wide co-ordination.

Although the report focuses on inpatient surveys in NHS acute trusts in England, it is likely the successes, barriers and enablers are similar to those for primary care surveys and therefore of interest to general practice, primary health organisations and district health boards implementing the primary care patient experience survey.

Downloadable attachments

Patient management system instructions
Other documents

Videos for clinic waiting rooms

General practices taking part in the patient experience survey can now show a video in their clinic waiting room that talks about what the survey is and encourages patients to participate.

Click here to watch or download the videos.

Last updated 02/07/2020