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Newly updated falls 10 Topics now available

NEWS: 29 Aug 2017, Reducing Harm from Falls

The 10 Topics in reducing harm from falls are learning activities for people who want to know more about how to prevent falls and reduce harm from falls in older people.

Topic 7 – Why hip fracture prevention and care matter

PUBLICATION: 12 May 2017, Reducing Harm from Falls

Topic 7 in reducing harm from falls explains how to reduce the risk of falls-related fracture and how improved care can prevent complications that compromise recovery.

Topic 1 supplement: Patient story staff perspective

PUBLICATION: 12 May 2017, Reducing Harm from Falls

Betty is a 93 year old lady with a history of falls. Her daughter Barbara talks about what happened when avoidable environmental factors interacted with her mother’s risk factor of impaired mobility to cause a fall.

How leadership helps to reduce harm from falls

NEWS: 28 Apr 2016, Falls

Sandy Blake, director of nursing at Whanganui DHB with significant experience in patient safety, describes the role of clinical leadership in driving quality improvement in reducing harm from falls.

Out damned clutter! competition

PUBLICATION: 3 Jun 2015, Falls

Out damned clutter! is a competition for aged residential care facilities, with a prize for the best before and after photo.