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New e-Incident management project kicks into action!

NEWS: 1 Sep 2014

Work has now commenced on a new electronic incident management system for South Island DHBs; a project which promises to improve patient safety outcomes and support a reduction in all types of risk for DHB patients, staff and visitors across the region.

Medication Safety Watch - Issue 9, February 2014

PUBLICATION: 19 Feb 2014, Medication Safety

Issue 9 of the Medication Safety Watch newsletter, a bulletin for all health professionals and health care managers working with medicines or patient safety.

ALERT: Transdermal patches

PUBLICATION: 26 Sep 2019, Medication Safety

Purpose: To highlight the risks associated with the use of transdermal patches (both from the medicine and the delivery system).

COWs boosting patient safety

NEWS: 19 Jun 2013, Medication Safety

Health Minister Tony Ryall visited North Shore Hospital yesterday to see first-hand how hospital doctors and nurses prescribe and administer medication electronically using mobile computers.

April Falls 2013 national quiz

NEWS: 18 Apr 2013, Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is launching the inaugural April Falls quiz as part of ongoing activity for April Falls 2013.

NZ-developed Patientrack wins two awards

NEWS: 10 Mar 2011, Adverse Events

A small team of New Zealand and Australian medical specialists and entrepreneurs have won two British health services awards for their software package Patientrack.



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