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Adolescent and young adult standards of care workshop

EVENT: 27 Feb 2015, Partners in Care

The Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Network and the Ministry of Health are holding a workshop to discuss the development of standards of care that recognise the unique preferences, values and needs of 12-24 year olds diagnosed with cancer...

Video: Ira Te Au shares her health care experience

PUBLICATION: 15 Dec 2014, Partners in Care

Ira Te Au shares a waiata introducing herself and her whānau. Ira talks about her life and how she began working in health. She had a diagnosis of diabetes following a health check and also had gall stones later in life.

Video: One Māori voice

PUBLICATION: 15 Dec 2014, Partners in Care

Querida Whatuira-Strickland talks about being the voice for Māori in various health sector groups, and having to provide a Māori perspective.

Video: Preventing falls in an aged residential care facility

PUBLICATION: 29 Aug 2013, Reducing Harm from Falls

A significant number of falls occur in rest homes each year. This video looks at how one aged residential care facility, Mercy Parklands in Auckland, is working with residents and their families to prevent falls.

Empathy: the human connection to patient care

PUBLICATION: 29 Aug 2013

Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA has produced a four minute video clip exploring the stories of patients. The video is designed to explore empathy, the ability to understand and share in the feelings of another.

My story: Rowena Mortimer

PUBLICATION: 17 Dec 2012, Partners in Care

Rowena Mortimer takes part in a consumer panel and talks about life since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

Consumer stories: Neelu Memon

PUBLICATION: 13 Dec 2012, Partners in Care

This is the personal story of Neelu Memon, a member of the Commission's consumer network.

Safekids News September issue out now

NEWS: 14 Sep 2012

Safekids News is the quarterly newsletter of Safekids New Zealand, focusing on issues and events on unintentional child injury prevention in New Zealand.