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Orthopaedic data collection made simpler

NEWS: 9 Feb 2021, Infection Prevention & Control

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has approved an option for district health boards to transition to ‘light surveillance’ for the orthopaedic surgical site infection improvement programme.

Update on anti-staphylococcal bundle using a collaborative approach

NEWS: 19 Feb 2019, Infection Prevention & Control

Over the past year the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s infection prevention and control programme team has facilitated the implementation of a preoperative anti-staphylococcal bundle within the Surgical Site Infection Improvement (SSII) Programme.

SSI blog2
Gauging success for surgical site infection improvement


This article provides a summary of an interim evaluation of the surgical site infection imporovement programme, and makes the point that a key aspect of many quality improvement programmes is that their success can’t be evaluated over a short time-span.

Register now for our webinar on surgical skin preparation!

NEWS: 11 Feb 2014, Healthcare Associated Infections

Don't miss Mr Kelly Vince (Northland DHB), Dr Anja Werno (Canterbury Health Laboratories) and Shelley Thomas (Auckland DHB) presenting and answering questions on surgical skin antisepsis and appropriate hair removal at the surgical site.

Preventing surgical site infections

NEWS: 16 Oct 2013, Healthcare Associated Infections

Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew welcomes the second phase of the national patient safety campaign, Open for better care, which focuses on reducing harm from infections in patients following surgery.