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Adverse drug reaction reporting in primary care

NEWS: 18 Jul 2016, Medication Safety

The NZ Pharmacovigilance Centre (NZPhvC) and the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) are working together to get a better sense of the safety of primary care medication systems.

Safety Signal ADR
New Safety Signal released

NEWS: 2 Oct 2015, Medication Safety

The latest Safety Signal discussed the risk of serious adverse drug reactions.

Safety Signal: Risk of serious adverse drug reactions

PUBLICATION: 30 Sep 2015, Medication Safety

This document highlights the need for all health professionals to take note of a patient’s previous adverse drug reactions (including allergies) before prescribing, dispensing or administering medicines.

Medical ID bracelet incident timely med safety reminder

NEWS: 14 Sep 2015, Medication Safety

A recent case of a patient prescribed trimethoprim despite a MedicAlert® bracelet warning is a timely reminder of the importance of checking for previous allergies and adverse drug reaction