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Learning from adverse events report 2016–17

PUBLICATION: 24 Nov 2017, Adverse Events

This is the annual adverse events report published by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. The report covers adverse events reported by New Zealand's 20 district health boards (DHBs) and other providers.

Hawke’s Bay speech–language therapist wins award

NEWS: 13 Sep 2017, Building Leadership & Capability

A thoughtful approach to improving relationships and commitment to the care of her patients has seen a Hawke’s Bay District Health Board speech and language therapist become the latest recipient of an Open for leadership award.

Adverse events shared learning tool

PUBLICATION: 18 Jul 2017, Adverse Events

This tool is for sharing learning from events that are not otherwise reported to the Health Quality & Safety Commission under the National Adverse Events Reporting Policy.

Adverse event review workshops

EVENT: 3 Aug 2017, Adverse Events

The 2-day workshops are relevant to all health sector staff that undertake reviews on serious adverse events, and would like to understand and master the essential components of a high-quality review.

Always report and review list 2018–19

PUBLICATION: 9 May 2018, Adverse Events

The always report and review list is a subset of adverse events that should be reported and reviewed in the same way as SAC 1 and 2 rated events, irrespective of whether or not there was harm to the consumer/patient.

Open Book: Lessons learnt from reviewing patient falls (March 2017)

PUBLICATION: 29 Mar 2017, Adverse Events

Falls are one of the most common causes of injury to patients in hospital. This Open Book was written in collaboration with the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Reducing Harm from Falls programme. It summarises four falls events, review findings and r