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Quality improvement toolkit

PUBLICATION: 9 Apr 2019, Medication Safety

Techniques for reviewing an event and implementing change and improvements.

Improving together: the improvement movement

PUBLICATION: 7 Jul 2015, Reducing Harm from Falls

Link to the Improving Together website. Improving together is a national quality improvement learning programme for staff from participating agencies (Health Quality & Safety Commission, and ministries of Education, Health and Social Development).

Falls prevention tailored to suit individual residents

NEWS: 27 Nov 2014, Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission, in conjunction with ACC and three Wellington-based district health boards, established a collaborative in early 2014 to assist age-related residential care facilities learn about quality improvement.

What is everyone learning?

PUBLICATION: 1 Aug 2014, Reducing Harm from Falls

Information about the new Reducing Harm from Falls programme newsletter.