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Three-fold opioid variation a cue to look at prescribing, says Commission

MEDIA RELEASE: 18 Mar 2015, Health Quality Intelligence

Evidence that the number of people being given one of the most dangerous classes of medicine varies up to three-fold around New Zealand is a cue for hospitals and primary health care providers to take a close look at their prescribing.

Stand up to falls

NEWS: 5 Mar 2015, Falls

In April 2015 the Open for better care campaign revisits the reducing harm from falls topic.

Focus on the safe use of opioids during March

NEWS: 4 Mar 2015, Medication

The final month of the campaign topic on high-risk medicines focuses on the safe use of opioids which will be continuing through the safe use of opioid collaborative.

Opioids Atlas domain published

NEWS: 19 Dec 2014, Health Quality Intelligence

The Atlas of Healthcare Variation opioid domain, published today, shows the rate of use of opioids in each district health board (DHB). See the opioid Atlas here. The Atlas covers only opioids dispensed from community pharmacies and does not include those

Paper shows people are not receiving adequate treatment for gout

NEWS: 17 Oct 2014, Health Quality Intelligence

A new paper published in the New Zealand Medical Journal has examined treatments for gout in New Zealand and found only 23 percent of gout patients considered to require regular treatment were being treated according to best practice.

Diabetes atlas looks at diabetes care across DHBs

NEWS: 16 Jul 2014, Health Quality Intelligence

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has released a new Atlas of Healthcare Variation, looking at the quality of care provided to people with diabetes.

New data shows asthma rates vary between DHB

NEWS: 2 Jul 2014, Health Quality Intelligence

A new way of presenting data has found hospital admission rates for asthma and indicators of asthma management vary between district health boards (DHBs).