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New Zealand cardiac surgery national report (1 January – 31 December 2015)

PUBLICATION: 22 Dec 2016, Health Quality & Safety Commission

The New Zealand cardiac surgery national report 2015 presents performance and outcomes data on the most common, publicly funded cardiac surgery procedures; mainly isolated coronary artery bypass grafting and isolated aortic valve replacements

Change to orthopaedic surgery reporting

NEWS: 22 Sep 2016, Infection Prevention & Control

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has decided to stop reporting skin antisepsis preparation as a quality and safety marker (QSM) for orthopaedic surgery. Reporting on skin antisepsis preparation will continue for cardiac surgery.

5th APAC Forum: Exploring new frontiers

EVENT: 12 Sep 2016

The APAC Forum brings together some of the best minds in health and quality improvement from around the globe to inspire, stimulate, nurture and design improvements for the health and wellbeing of our population.

Automated data collection system being tested

NEWS: 21 Aug 2015, Infection Prevention & Control

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Surgical Site Infection Improvement (SSII) programme has simplified the way data relating to interventions for cardiac surgery is collected, and an automated approach is being tested.

POMRC workshop brings data to life

NEWS: 8 May 2014, Perioperative Mortality Review Committee

Two distinguished international speakers, an interactive hypothetical case study, and a doctor’s perspective on being a patient will be among the highlights of the annual POMRC workshop.

SSII Programme data collection forms

PUBLICATION: 14 Mar 2014, Infection Prevention & Control

The SSII Programme orthopaedic and cardiac data collection forms have been updated (November 2018). Please use the forms to record your data before entering it into the SSII Programme database.

Surgical skin antisepsis

NEWS: 24 Feb 2014, Infection Prevention & Control

Surgical skin antisepsis is one of the key interventions of the Commission’s national Surgical Site Infection Improvement (SSII) Programme, led by Auckland and Canterbury DHBs.