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Kids Trauma Conference

EVENT: 4 May 2012

Kids Trauma Conference 2012 is a multidisciplinary scientific and educational meeting for all workers in the fields of injury treatment, rehabilitation, research & prevention.

Reminder of deadly impact of alcohol on children

MEDIA RELEASE: 22 Mar 2012, Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee

A conference on the impact of alcohol on babies and children is a timely reminder that every child needs a sober caregiver, says the Chair of the Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee (CYMRC).

Notifying urgent after-hours laboratory results - Whanganui DHB

NEWS: 13 Jan 2011, Adverse Events

Whanganui DHB has implemented a process for notifying urgent after-hours laboratory results for patients who are not in hospital – that is, those patients who have been to the emergency department, had day surgery, or are outpatients.

National Health Service's Patient Experience Network

NEWS: 14 Jul 2011, Partners in Care

The aim of the National Health Service's Patient Experience Network is to share ideas and practice to drive improvement in patient experience. See the website for case studies, events, and news on patient experiences.

Commission Chair urges correct use of Surgical Safety Checklist

NEWS: 16 Jul 2011, Safe Surgery NZ

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched the Surgical Safety Checklist in 2009, and on the face of it, uptake has been impressive. Three large studies published in major journals all show substantial reductions in mortality and morbidity.

Beverley Johnson forums and workshop

NEWS: 23 Aug 2011, Partners in Care

Beverley Johnson, who heads the Board of the Institute of Patient and Family Centred Care in the United States, is coming to New Zealand in October. She will be involved in two types of events - quality forums, and a workshop on consumer engagement.

Pillow case colour helps reduce infection

NEWS: 22 Oct 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

The colour of pillowcases at hospitals in Canterbury is helping to reduce the risk of infection and at the same time respect Maori cultural values.