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Atul Gawande makes the case for bananas, cocktails and cookies

NEWS: 21 May 2015, Building Leadership & Capability

‘Give them the damned banana!’ was internationally renowned health writer and thinker Dr Atul Gawande’s message to aged residential care homes where safety concerns dominate at the expense of residents’ quality of life.

The social constructs of addiction

EVENT: 4 Jun 2015, Partners in Care

Changing Minds invites you to a free public panel discussion “Virtues or vices... the social constructs of addiction”.

Clinician story: Partners in diabetes care

PUBLICATION: 14 Jan 2015, Medication

This clinician story from a former Clinical Nurse Manager for Diabetes Services at Northland District Health Board, advocates for empowering patients to realise they have a real ability to influence their own health.

‘One step’ activities to improve medication safety

NEWS: 27 Nov 2014, Medication

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has published two in a series of ‘one step’ activities designed to help clinicians identify risks and change systems and practices relating to high-risk medicines.

Entries open for Value of Medicines Award

NEWS: 28 Jul 2014, Medication Safety

Medicines New Zealand is looking for nominations for its fourth annual Value of Medicines Award. The $20,000 prize will be presented to a researcher or clinician whose work shows the potential to improve the health of New Zealanders – and maybe even save

What do clinicians need to know about shared decision making?

PUBLICATION: 23 Jul 2014, Partners in Care

This article from the Medical Journal of Australia covers the process for shared decision making, the role of decision support tools, and misconceptions and challenges which clinicians can face when applying shared decision making.

Dr Don Mackie: clinician story

PUBLICATION: 5 Feb 2014, Open for better care

Dr Don Mackie, the Ministry of Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a strong supporter of the campaign, talks about the lessons he learned from an error he made early in his career.

New day stay national medication chart

NEWS: 13 Dec 2013, Medication Safety

A new day stay national medication chart is available to order from 16 December 2013. The day stay chart is intended for use in areas where patients are undergoing treatment or procedures when the length of stay is likely to be less than six hours.