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Partnering to Heal

PUBLICATION: 12 Jul 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

A computer-based, video-simulation training program on infection control practices from the United States.

Health professionals develop IT solutions

NEWS: 3 Jul 2012

Health Minister Tony Ryall is encouraging health professionals to take part in this year’s Clinicians’ Challenge to support the development of IT systems in health services.

Results of UK integrated care pilots

NEWS: 11 Jun 2012

These pilots explored different ways of providing integrated care to drive improvements in the quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care

An invitation from the Chief Executive

NEWS: 1 Jun 2012, Partners in Care

Commission Chief Executive Janice Wilson invites you to read and respond to the summary of our ‘Partners in Care Framework’.

Patient safety: an educational competency

NEWS: 30 May 2012

In this article from The Lancet the author looks at how attitudes to error reporting, teamwork and communication affect improvements to patient safety.

National Patient Safety Foundation 'Ask Me 3'

PUBLICATION: 20 Feb 2012, Partners in Care

Ask Me 3™ is a patient education program designed to promote communication between health care providers and patients in order to improve health outcomes.

Nurse listening to hospital patients heart crp2
National Reportable Events Policy Offers Guidance

NEWS: 20 Feb 2012, Adverse Events

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has finalised a national policy to help health and disability providers to report and investigate adverse events so preventable events are not repeated.

New 'no blame' incident regime for hospital

NEWS: 28 Aug 2011, Adverse Events

The Greymouth Evening Star reports that a new 'no blame' incident system has been rolled out at Grey Base Hospital, with 55 events already officially recorded.

Innovation hub to help grow health tech sector

NEWS: 23 Sep 2011, Other Topics

Better links between the health technology sector and the health service are behind a plan to establish a national health innovation hub, say Economic Development Minister David Carter and Health Minister Tony Ryall.