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Decline in falls and broken hips a success story for New Zealand health care

MEDIA RELEASE: 2 Dec 2016, Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is celebrating the success of New Zealand public hospitals in reducing the number of in-hospital falls that result in a broken hip. New Zealand appears to be the first country to achieve this on a national scale.

DHB Assessment Tools and Care Plans


The Commission recommends evidence-based approaches to risk assessment and care planning and promotes consistency in these processes at a national level.

The Frances Healey Reader

PUBLICATION: 22 May 2014, Reducing Harm from Falls

The Frances Healey reader is two pages of distilled wisdom from Dr Healey and her colleagues – and highly recommended as a comprehensive but brief overview on falls prevention in hospitals.

Dr Frances Healey shares latest falls prevention research

NEWS: 2 May 2014, Reducing Harm from Falls

Leading British patient safety advocate and researcher Dr Frances Healey has held workshops around New Zealand to share knowledge about reducing harm from falls with people in the health and disability sector.

Update on April Falls 2014

NEWS: 31 Mar 2014, Reducing Harm from Falls

An update for district health boards and other providers on activities for the Commission's April Falls activities.

Regions embrace April Falls 2014

NEWS: 12 Mar 2014, Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's Reducing Harm from Falls programme is planning a number of initiatives for April Falls 2014, with a focus on regional engagement.