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Report shows significant reduction in stillbirths

MEDIA RELEASE: 23 Jun 2015, Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee

The Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee’s (PMMRC’s) ninth annual report shows there was one death for every 100 babies born in New Zealand in 2013.

New service to combat falls in Hawke's Bay

NEWS: 14 Apr 2015, Falls

Hawke’s Bay District Health Board is forming a Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) to reduce injuries from falls which in a recent financial year cost the DHB more than six-and-a-half million dollars.

New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission – Making progress

NEWS: 7 Apr 2015, Health Quality & Safety Commission

Since forming four years ago, the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission has made great progress and is now entering, which its chief executive Dr Janice Wilson calls ‘the second phase’ of its life.

$2m for extra safeguards to maternity care

NEWS: 26 Mar 2015, Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says cases where a woman becomes seriously unwell during maternity care will now be audited by a panel of experts.

Adolescent and young adult standards of care workshop

EVENT: 27 Feb 2015, Partners in Care

The Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Network and the Ministry of Health are holding a workshop to discuss the development of standards of care that recognise the unique preferences, values and needs of 12-24 year olds diagnosed with cancer...

Programme delivers better hip/knee op recovery

NEWS: 13 Feb 2015

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says patients recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery are spending less time in hospital as a result of a new national quality improvement programme.

Future steps for the Perioperative Harm programme

NEWS: 16 Feb 2015, Safe Surgery NZ

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s perioperative harm programme aims to reduce the significant harm caused by adverse events and other preventable errors that take place during the perioperative period.

Spotlight on falls in care settings

NEWS: 18 Dec 2014, Open for better care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is pleased to announce that it will be revisiting reducing harm from falls as the fifth topic of the Open for better care campaign from April to September 2015.

Perioperative harm prevention in the media

NEWS: 1 Oct 2014, Surgery

The perioperative harm focus of Open for better care has had a great amount of exposure in the media during the focus period of April–September 2014.

New resources to improve patient safety in theatre

NEWS: 18 Sep 2014, Safe Surgery NZ

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Reducing Perioperative Harm programme has two new videos to add to the growing list of resources focused on improving teamwork and communication.