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Consumer representatives for National Stroke Network

NEWS: 1 Sep 2014, Partners in Care

The National Stroke Network is seeking one or two consumer representatives to join its group that provides clinical leadership guiding the provision of stroke services in New Zealand district health boards.

Diabetes atlas looks at diabetes care across DHBs

NEWS: 16 Jul 2014, Health Quality Intelligence

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has released a new Atlas of Healthcare Variation, looking at the quality of care provided to people with diabetes.

Māori health literacy research: Gestational diabetes mellitus

PUBLICATION: 4 Jul 2014, Partners in Care

This report from the Ministry of Health focuses on the experiences among young pregnant Māori women in relation to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), a type of diabetes some women get during pregnancy.

New Atlas promotes improvements in child health

NEWS: 26 Feb 2014, Health Quality Intelligence

A new online tool produced by the Health Quality & Safety Commission gives New Zealanders a clearer overview of how early childhood health services work for children and their families.

Steady As You Go© classes build strength and balance

NEWS: 11 Feb 2014, Falls

Steady As You Go© classes have helped thousands of older people in the lower South Island to gain strength and balance, reduce their risk of having a fall or falls-related injuries, and improve their general health.

Dr Don Mackie: clinician story

PUBLICATION: 5 Feb 2014, Open for better care

Dr Don Mackie, the Ministry of Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a strong supporter of the campaign, talks about the lessons he learned from an error he made early in his career.

Atlas of Healthcare Variation steering group

NEWS: 9 Dec 2013, Health Quality Intelligence

The Health Quality & Safety Commission produces the Atlas of Healthcare Variation to help public and private providers of health and disability services improve the safety and quality of their services.

Latest trauma management information published

NEWS: 8 Nov 2013, Health Quality Intelligence

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has published information about the way district health boards (DHBs) are managing the treatment of major trauma-related injuries.

Public to have more say on hospital care

NEWS: 22 Oct 2013

Patients will soon be able to provide more feedback on the care they receive in public hospitals, as part of the government’s drive to improve the quality of health services.