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Medication Safety Watch – Issue 15, October 2015

PUBLICATION: 22 Oct 2015, Medication Safety

Issue 15 of the Medication Safety Watch newsletter, a bulletin for all health professionals and health care managers working with medicines or patient safety.

Lessons from aviation safety – keeping it fresh with hobbits

NEWS: 3 Jul 2015, Health Quality & Safety Commission

Passenger safety on commercial airlines has greatly improved, and there is much health can learn from the systems put in place to bring about this change. The World Health Organization surgical safety checklist is modelled on aviation’s checklists, design

July 2015 'Focus on Falls' out now

NEWS: 6 Jul 2015, Reducing Harm from Falls

The July 2015 issue of Focus on Falls, a quarterly publication for everyone interested in understanding and preventing falls in older people, is now available online.