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Surgical briefing brochure

PUBLICATION: 19 Jun 2019, Safe Surgery NZ

A five-minute team briefing before starting the day’s surgical list reduces patient harm. This brochure answers the most commonly asked questions about introducing a start-of-list briefing.

Surgical briefing poster

PUBLICATION: 19 Jun 2019, Safe Surgery NZ

A five-minute team briefing before starting the day’s surgical list reduces patient harm. This poster outlines the steps required for a start-of-list briefing.

Reducing harm, improving care | He whakaiti wharanga, he whakapai tiakinga

PUBLICATION: 6 Sep 2018, Health Quality & Safety Commission

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's work covers an ambitious range of programmes that target critical improvement opportunities in health care facilities throughout New Zealand. These programmes are described briefly in this document.

Hospitals are looking for better safety for patients

NEWS: 5 Nov 2016, Patient Safety Week

Let's Talk. That is the theme for Hauora Tairāwhiti and other health boards during Patient Safety Week, when the emphasis is on better communication between patient, whānau and health professionals.

New report shows reduction in patient harm

NEWS: 31 Oct 2016, Patient Safety Week

Patient Safety Week starts today and coincides with the release of a new report showing patient harm reduction and cost savings have been achieved through improved health services.

Professor Anne Duggan on understanding and acting on variation

NEWS: 13 Sep 2016, Building Leadership & Capability

‘Variation: the good, the bad and the inexplicable’ was the topic covered by Professor Anne Duggan, Senior Medical Advisor at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, at the latest Open Forum: International Speaker Series event.

High opioid prescription numbers a prompt for investigation

MEDIA RELEASE: 19 Aug 2016, Health Quality Intelligence

The Health Quality & Safety Commission says figures showing a continuing increase in the prescription of powerful opioids are a prompt for hospitals and primary health care providers to take a close look at their prescribing.

Open Book: Incorrect assembly of surgical equipment (June 2016)

PUBLICATION: 30 Jun 2016, Adverse Events

This report alerts providers to key findings and actions following review of two incidents in different organisations where surgical equipment was assembled incorrectly resulting in patient harm in the operating theatre.

Medication Safety Watch Issue 17 cover
Medication Safety Watch – Issue 17, April 2016

PUBLICATION: 12 Apr 2016, Medication Safety

Issue 17 of the Medication Safety Watch newsletter, a bulletin for all health professionals and health care managers working with medicines or patient safety.

Final Open campaign topic: Clinical leadership for quality and safety

NEWS: 3 Feb 2016, Clinical leadership for quality and safety

What makes a good clinical leader? Where is patient harm occurring, and what can we do about it? How do we lead change within a complex system? These are just some of the questions that will be tackled in the final Open for better care campaign topic, foc