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Pillow case colour helps reduce infection

NEWS: 22 Oct 2011, Infection Prevention & Control

The colour of pillowcases at hospitals in Canterbury is helping to reduce the risk of infection and at the same time respect Maori cultural values.

Med Safety Pamphlets 2
Medication Safety pamphlets

PUBLICATION: 29 Oct 2011, Medication Safety

Medicine reconciliation pamphlets for people coming into hospital

Med Safety Pamphlets 2
New medication safety pamphlets

NEWS: 29 Oct 2011, Medication Safety

These support the Commission’s Medication Safety programme by raising awareness of the importance of medicine reconciliation and the process involved in reconciling a patient’s medicines.

Medicine reconciliation workshop

PUBLICATION: 31 Oct 2011, Medication Safety

This workshop reviewed progress to date and looked at tools and approaches for spreading medicine reconciliation to more patients, more services and expanding from admission to other transition points, ie, transfer and discharge.

ALERT 2: Warfarin

PUBLICATION: 29 Nov 2004, Medication Safety

Purpose: To highlight the many risks to patients on warfarin and suggest improvements in practice to minimise the risks.

ALERT 7: Morphine

PUBLICATION: 7 Oct 2008, Medication Safety

Purpose: To highlight risks for patients on morphine and to suggest improvements in practice in both primary and secondary care environments.

ALERT 12: Heparin

PUBLICATION: 1 Sep 2011, Medication Safety

Purpose: To highlight the risks for patients on heparin and to promote safer practice.

Quality Accounts


Standardising the way health and disability service providers report on the quality and safety of their services.

Atlas of Healthcare Variation


Reporting on variations in health care practices and the reasons behind them so we can make sure we're providing the best possible services.

Hand Hygiene


Improving hand hygiene is a simple but vital measure in the fight against healthcare-associated infections.

Other Projects


Other projects that we're working on to reduce the number of medication errors.