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Summary of feedback on draft guide for consumer engagement

NEWS: 26 May 2015, Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Partners in Care programme recently sought feedback from consumers and providers of health and disability services on a draft guide for district health boards (DHBs) about consumer engagement.

Waikato DHB consumer engagement update

NEWS: 30 Apr 2015, Open for better care

Much has been happening within the consumer engagement agenda at Waikato District Health Board (DHB). The following snippets highlight just some of the work over recent months.

Midland integrated quality and risk project

NEWS: 30 Apr 2015, Open for better care

Currently each district health board (DHB) in the Midland region uses a variety of different processes and systems (either paper based or electronic) to manage their incidents, risks and complaints.

Feedback sought on DHB guide for engaging consumers [closed]

NEWS: 7 Apr 2015, Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's Partners in Care programme is developing a practical guide to help New Zealand district health boards improve their consumer engagement, particularly at policy and governance levels.

New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission – Making progress

NEWS: 7 Apr 2015, Health Quality & Safety Commission

Since forming four years ago, the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission has made great progress and is now entering, which its chief executive Dr Janice Wilson calls ‘the second phase’ of its life.

Let’s PLAN pharmacy week proves popular

NEWS: 31 Mar 2015, Open for better care

The inaugural Let’s PLAN pharmacy week ran from 22 to 28 February 2015 and had great support from community and hospital pharmacies around the country.

Future steps for the Perioperative Harm programme

NEWS: 16 Feb 2015, Safe Surgery NZ

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s perioperative harm programme aims to reduce the significant harm caused by adverse events and other preventable errors that take place during the perioperative period.

Hand hygiene video from Waitemata DHB

PUBLICATION: 5 Feb 2015, Infection Prevention & Control

Waitemata District Health Board (DHB) hand hygiene educational video improving the focus of hand hygiene with doctors.

Interventions from the first three campaign topics

NEWS: 23 Jan 2015, Open for better care

With the Open campaign heading towards its second anniversary in May, we thought it would be timely to summarise the key messages of the first three topics: Reducing harm from falls, preventing surgical site infection and reducing perioperative harm.

Let’s PLAN has it covered

NEWS: 18 Dec 2014, Patient Safety Week

Consumer resource Let’s PLAN for better care is proving a hit with staff and patients at Taranaki District Health Board (DHB).

Let’s PLAN pharmacy week

NEWS: 17 Dec 2014, Open for better care

February 22 to 28 will be Let’s PLAN pharmacy week. The week is about encouraging people to learn more about their medicines by talking to their pharmacists, or taking away information. The overall aim is to improve health literacy and reduce harm from hi

Patients encouraged to self-help

NEWS: 11 Dec 2014, Patient Safety Week

Taranaki Base Hospital is encouraging patients to work with professionals to achieve better health.

New consumer engagement resource in development

NEWS: 2 Dec 2014, Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is working with a new national steering group to develop and establish a consumer engagement resource for district health boards (DHBs).

How to best prepare for your GP appointment

NEWS: 12 Nov 2014, Patient Safety Week

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has developed a new resource to help patients prepare for doctor appointments and find out more about their medicine at pharmacies.