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HDC Medico-Legal Conference

EVENT: 17 Oct 2012

The HDC Medico-Legal Conference will be held in Auckland and Wellington in October 2012

Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand website

PUBLICATION: 6 Sep 2012, Medication Safety

The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand is a membership organisation which provides support and services to community pharmacy owners. Follow the link below to view their website.

Health Quality and Safety Indicators – Call for feedback

NEWS: 29 Aug 2012, Partners in Care

We'd like your feedback on the initial set of Health Quality Indicators. The indicators are a set of high level measures which provide the public and the health and disability sector with a clear picture of the quality and safety of our health services.

How can health care organisations become more health literate?

NEWS: 14 Aug 2012, Partners in Care

This report, published by the American Institute of Medicine, discusses the growing recognition that health literacy depends not only on individual skills and abilities but also on the demands and complexities of the health care system.

Quality Accounts guidance manual now available

NEWS: 24 Jul 2012, Health Quality Intelligence

Next year health care providers will be required to give an account for the quality of their services for the first time. The Commission has helped develop a manual explaining the purpose of Quality Accounts and giving step-by-step guidance.

Quality Accounts Guidance Manual 2012

PUBLICATION: 18 Jul 2012, Health Quality & Safety Commission

The Quality Accounts Guidance Manual is best practice advisory guidance for providers of health and disability services within New Zealand to make use of during the production and publication of their Quality Account.

Health Quality & Safety Indicators


These are a set of high level measures which are designed to provide the public and the health and disability sector with a clear picture of the quality and safety of health services in New Zealand.

Partnering to Heal

PUBLICATION: 12 Jul 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

A computer-based, video-simulation training program on infection control practices from the United States.

Improving health care through the use of co-design

NEWS: 4 Jul 2012, Partners in Care

This paper from the New Zealand Medical Journal describes how co-design methods can be used to improve patient experiences and services within health care organisations.

Health professionals develop IT solutions

NEWS: 3 Jul 2012

Health Minister Tony Ryall is encouraging health professionals to take part in this year’s Clinicians’ Challenge to support the development of IT systems in health services.

HIIRC June 2012 Update

NEWS: 28 Jun 2012

The Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre (HIIRC) website contains the latest New Zealand and overseas health news and information.

Commission launches New Zealand Atlas of Healthcare Variation

NEWS: 29 Jun 2012, Health Quality Intelligence

The New Zealand Atlas of Healthcare Variation is a new tool from the Commission for clinicians and users and providers of health services. It shows variation between the health care received by people in different geographical regions.

The latest news from Health Quality Evaluation programme

NEWS: 19 Jun 2012, Health Quality Intelligence

An update from the Commission's Health Quality Evaluation programme, including information on the forthcoming atlas of healthcare variation and the latest news on the health quality and safety indicators and quality and safety markers.

PMMRC Sixth Report Cover
Sixth Annual Report of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee

PUBLICATION: 13 Jun 2012, Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee

This report provides an accurate estimate of the numbers and rates of perinatal and maternal deaths in New Zealand, describes the risk factors for such deaths, and attempts to identify where maternity and neonatal services might be focused.