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Update on reducing Staphylococcus aureus related SSI collaborative

NEWS: 25 Sep 2017, Infection Prevention & Control

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has been working over the past year to review literature, propose potential bundle options, and gather feedback from the healthcare sector regarding a pre-operative anti-staphylococcal bundle

Statement of Intent 2017–21

PUBLICATION: 4 Jul 2017, Health Quality & Safety Commission

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's Statement of Intent (for the period 2017–21).

No place for bullying in New Zealand’s health system

NEWS: 15 Sep 2015, Safe Surgery NZ

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is disturbed by the findings of an investigation into workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination among surgeons and trainees in New Zealand and Australia

The social constructs of addiction

EVENT: 4 Jun 2015, Partners in Care

Changing Minds invites you to a free public panel discussion “Virtues or vices... the social constructs of addiction”.

New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission – Making progress

NEWS: 7 Apr 2015, Health Quality & Safety Commission

Since forming four years ago, the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission has made great progress and is now entering, which its chief executive Dr Janice Wilson calls ‘the second phase’ of its life.

New e-Incident management project kicks into action!

NEWS: 1 Sep 2014

Work has now commenced on a new electronic incident management system for South Island DHBs; a project which promises to improve patient safety outcomes and support a reduction in all types of risk for DHB patients, staff and visitors across the region.

Statement of Intent 2014 to 2018

PUBLICATION: 30 Jun 2014, Health Quality & Safety Commission

Health Quality & Safety Commission's Statement of Intent (for the period 2014 to 2018) and Statement of Performance Expectation (for the period 2014 to 2015).

Unsafe naming, labelling and packaging of medicines

NEWS: 4 Nov 2013, Medication Safety

The International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) recognises unsafe medicines naming, labelling and packaging as an ongoing global threat to patient safety which requires a collaborative approach.

Vitamin D is essential for good health


Prescribed vitamin D is widely recommended around the world for reducing falls and fall-related injuries in older people who are at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency.