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New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission – Making progress

NEWS: 7 Apr 2015, Health Quality & Safety Commission

Since forming four years ago, the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission has made great progress and is now entering, which its chief executive Dr Janice Wilson calls ‘the second phase’ of its life.

Severity Assessment Code Framework

PUBLICATION: 16 Oct 2013, Adverse Events

Plunket has a Severity Assessment Code Framework which highlights undesirable outcomes or risks to Well Child/Tamariki Ora outcomes.

Update on development of patient experience indicators

NEWS: 30 Aug 2013, Health Quality Intelligence

Patient experience indicators help measure and report how consumers and patients actually experience the health system – what happened to them and how did it make them feel?

Health Quality & Safety Indicators


These are a set of high level measures which are designed to provide the public and the health and disability sector with a clear picture of the quality and safety of health services in New Zealand.

The Triple Aim

NEWS: 12 Dec 2011

The Health Quality & Safety Commission works towards the New Zealand Triple Aim for quality improvement.