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Open campaign focuses on reducing harm from falls

NEWS: 17 Apr 2015, Falls

We are now working on the fifth Open for better care campaign topic – reducing harm from falls across care settings, with a stronger focus in the community and primary care.

Three-fold opioid variation a cue to look at prescribing, says Commission

MEDIA RELEASE: 18 Mar 2015, Health Quality Intelligence

Evidence that the number of people being given one of the most dangerous classes of medicine varies up to three-fold around New Zealand is a cue for hospitals and primary health care providers to take a close look at their prescribing.

Focus on the safe use of opioids during March

NEWS: 4 Mar 2015, Medication

The final month of the campaign topic on high-risk medicines focuses on the safe use of opioids which will be continuing through the safe use of opioid collaborative.