Frontline Ownership workshop with Dr Michael Gardam (videos)

21 Sep 2015 | Infection Prevention & Control

On 1 September 2015 the Commission hosted a workshop featuring Dr Michael Gardam, enabling participants to develop and implement local solutions for tackling hand hygiene problems and other challenging issues. The videos below were recorded at Dr Gardam's ‘Frontline Ownership’ workshop at the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre. The seven videos discuss different techniques for engaging teams and individuals in new ways of solving problems and creating potential solutions.

Dr Gardam is currently Director of Infection Prevention and Control at the University Health Network and Physician Director of Infection Prevention and Control Canada. In addition, he is the National Lead of infection control collaboratives for 'Safer Healthcare Now!' and is a pioneer of using behavioural change approaches, including ‘Positive Deviance’ and ‘Front Line Ownership’ to improve patient safety. Dr Gardam leads improvement work in Canada and internationally as Director of Ignite Consulting.

Video 1: Speed networking

Generate energy at the beginning of a meeting by providing everyone with an opportunity to speak early and to engage across teams.


Video 2: 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast', Exercise 2, TRIZ

Identify barriers, solve problems and unleash innovation, using reverse brainstorming and focused discussion.


Video 3: 15% solutions

Discover and focus on what each person has the freedom and resources to do now.


Video 4: 1-2-4-All

Engage everyone simultaneously in generating questions, ideas and suggestions.


Video 5: What? So What? Now What?

Together, look back on progress to date and decide what adjustments are needed.


Video 6: Ecocycle

Analyse the full portfolio of activities to identify barriers and opportunities for progress.


Video 7: Wise Crowds

Tap the wisdom of the whole group in rapid cycles.

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