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What is the consumer health forum?

At the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) we believe consumers should be actively involved in decision-making for their health, at all levels.

This forum aims to elevate consumer and whānau voices in the health system. It will do this by linking health system entities to diverse consumer groups, at the right level, in the right way. The forum will advocate for consumer and whānau engagement.

Online and in person forums will be facilitated by the Commission. Each will focus on different topic areas and will include regular news and updates.

A network of consumers including whānau, individuals, groups and organisations, is being developed. This network is voluntary and for those who wish to become part of this national forum.

Why join?

  • Increase the consumer and whānau voice at the table
  • Provide input at all different levels of the health service
  • Connect with other consumers and whānau and share information and ideas
  • Receive regular updates on health and disability services
  • Be part of decision-making in setting the agenda for planned face-to-face consumer and whānau gatherings

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Last updated 09/11/2021