Co-design Partners in Care

Nurses'Co-design Partners in Care’ is a six–eight month programme brought to you by the Health Quality & Safety Commission with a focus on consumer engagement.

It is based on the National Health Service Institute’s experience-based design programme, and is facilitated by Dr Lynne Maher.

Download an overview of the co-design Partners in Care programme (May 2017, 5.4 MB, pdf).

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Co-design Partners in Care programme reviews and evaluations

2020– 21 project case studies

2019–20 project case studies

2018–19 project case studies

2017–18 project case studies

2016–17 project case studies

2015–16 project case studies

2014–15 project case studies

Co-design resources – NHS

Co-design research articles

Other information and resources

Web sessions (presentations)

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