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The Sixth Report on the Activities of the Child & Youth Mortality Committee - 1 January 2010 to 30 June 2011

The sixth report of the Child & Youth Mortality Committee is attached below.

Change in report format

Traditionally, the CYMRC annual report has been accompanied by an overview of all child and youth deaths in New Zealand, generally in 5-year time periods.  This year, the CYMRC has transitioned to an online reporting system for this data.  This means that up to date data will always be available online, but will no longer be tied to a CYMRC annual reporting cycle.  Presently, data for the 2006-2010 time period is available at The committee is working to have data from the previous year available before the end of the next year.

Reports on specific categories of death (also known as special topic reports)

With its Fifth Report to the Minister of Health (2009), the CYMRC began to publish detailed reports on specific categories of death. The CYMRC has decided to stagger the release dates of these special topic reports. Instead of releasing a single report each year the CYMRC intends to report on two topics per year (a health topic and an injury topic) along with one report on a specific population group.