National medication chart toolkit, user guide and medication charting standard (updated February 2021)

1 Feb 2021 | Medication Safety

The toolkit was updated in February 2021 to reflect the revision of the day stay, 8 day and 16 day national medication chart (NMC). The toolkit has been prepared for health practitioners who are implementing the NMC and/or conducting education and training on how to use the NMC.

It comprises:

  • National Medication Chart user guide (third edition) January 2021
  • a PowerPoint presentation about the 2020 NMC review
  • the above PowerPoint presentation with commentary
  • medication charting standard.

For details on how to order any of the NMCs, or to obtain graphics of the NMC, please contact

Watch the PowerPoint presentation with commentary below or download a copy of the transcript (42KB, docx).

Last updated 25/10/2021