Whakakotahi evaluation reports

14 Feb 2020 | Primary Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s primary care quality improvement programme commissioned an evaluation of its Whakakotahi project. The evaluation was carried out by Synergia.

Annual updates from Synergia have allowed us to refine and improve the programme and processes. The updates are available to download below.

The final summative evaluation report is due mid-2020.

The evaluation addresses five key areas:

  1. contribution to effective and increased engagement of the primary care sector
  2. contribution to effective working partnerships between the primary care participants and the Commission
  3. increased quality improvement capability among Whakakotahi participants
  4. improvements in health outcomes and potential contribution to long term outcomes of equity, integration and consumer engagement in participating settings
  5. alignment with the Commission’s own strategy and evaluation framework.

Synergia worked closely with the primary care programme team, its advisors and participating project teams. They attended learning events, completing pre- and post-event surveys, undertook site visits and interviewed Whakakotaki project team members.

The interim updates are not intended to be comprehensive evaluation reports, but rather snapshots to capture progress, highlight challenges and identify areas for improvement. They indicate good progress is being made, with a particular highlight being the strengthened quality improvement capability achieved across participating teams.

Last updated 03/07/2020